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Kourites is a multiplex place located in a green area of 20 acres just outside of Heraklion at the junction of the Highway Tylisos Gazi, which is able to accommodate any type of social event, regardless of number of people.

The central hall DIAS is able to accommodate up to 1500 individuals.

The exterior space AMALTHEIA is extremely cared with beautiful flowers and rock gardens, fountains, bars, and beautiful views. It is a very special choice for summer months for receptions with capacity up to 900 individuals.

However your choices do not stop here. In the interior hall we created REA hall that can accommodate up to 170 people, and certainly its style will impress you. The picturesque church f St. George is located within KOURITES place, gives you the ability to perform the ceremony of mystery to the most ideal place because right next to it is the amphitheater of KOURITON (Ideon Andron) used during the mystery for your guests to comfortably watch the mystery of your wedding or the baptism of your child.

For all the children that will be present at your event we attended carefully their game, since very close to all these places we created a suitable playground for them. As you enter the main building of Kourites there is toilet (WC) for individuals with special needs as well as an infirmary.


Dias Hall                                                                                 Amalthia Hall

rea                                         amfitheatro

Rea Hall                                                                                  Idaion Andron

Agios Georgios                                          youtube  

Saint Georgios of Kurites                                                                         Youtube